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Changing Bottles
Cleaning the Cooler
Changing Bags


Changing Bottles

It may not seem like rocket science, but knowing some quick tips will save you some frustration. Follow our guidelines below to keep your water flowing and prevent problems. 


Remove the bottle with a straight up and down motion.

Take the foil seal off of the cap before putting it on the cooler.

Wipe down the neck of the bottle and the cooler insert before putting a bottle on. 

Do Not: 

Drain the bottle and reservoir before putting a new bottle on, this can cause airlock.

Drop full bottles on the floor, this can cause cracking. 

Cleaning Your Cooler


While Yukon Spring will take care of the major cleaning of your water cooler, it will need some periodic cleaning to keep it operating properly and prevent bacterial growth. 


Each Time You Change A Bottle:

  •    Use a clean dampened cloth to wipe down the interior of the bottle adapter. 

  •    Wipe down the neck of the bottle. 


Once a Month:

  •    Use a clean cloth to wipe down the faucets and tap handles. 

  •    Wipe down the area surrounding the faucets. 

  •    Wash out the drip tray. 

Changing Bags

Our bagged water provides a sanitary solution by utilizing a double bagged system to transport your water. The clear exterior bag serves as added protection and a convenient way to transport the water, and when removed leaves the clean interior bag, no matter what the water has gone through!

Removing the Old Bag

When the bag is empty open the top of the adapter and remove the bag. There may still be some water left in the bag and this water can be placed into a glass for consumption or water some office plants. 

We don't recommend squeezing the water into the adapter. Extra moisture in the adapter can lead to the growth of algae. 

Cleaning the Adapter

If you notice that the adapter itself is dirty it can be cleaned with a mild soap solution and placed back onto the machine. When the adapter is removed the clean water will be exposed to the air. We suggest placing the lid (or other clean item) over the reservoir opening to reduce the chance of contamination. 

Inserting the New Bag

Take the new bag and remove the clear plastic outer bag, exposing the interior blue bag. Grab the blue bag by the top two corners and move it to the bagged water adapter. Lower the bag until it is about 2 inches above the spiked probe in the center. Once it is about 2 inches above, drop the bag and let it fall onto the probe and the platter. 



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