Introducing A New Option

Yukon Spring is proud to offer our customers another option for water supply. If you have a water supply but aren't happy with the taste or quality then we have the solution you may be looking for! 

Point of Use (Bottle-less) Water Coolers

A Point of Use (POU) Water Cooler is connected to the existing water system in your home or office, The water is passed through a filtration system to deliver you a supply of filtered water that doesn't end!

What is Required?

To install a POU cooler you'll need a location that is close to an existing water source and has power available to plug the unit in? 

How does it Work?

Our technicians will install a Tee into an existing water line to feed water to the POU cooler. Once it's plugged in it will start to deliver hot and cold water to you.

Once that water reaches the cooler it is fed through a filtration system and then collects in a built in reservoir until it is dispensed.​

How Do I Get One?!

Call us today! We are expecting to receive them soon so add your name to our list to get yours as soon as they arrive! 

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