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The Top Five Benefits of Drinking Natural Spring Water

There are a few items in our list of benefits gained from drinking natural spring water that may surprise you!

Nearly everyone knows that water is essential and that drinking enough water is an important aspect of physical and mental health. However, there are a few items in our list of benefits gained from drinking natural spring water that may surprise you!

Regulate Hunger

We often feel hunger and thirst simultaneously, leading us to satisfy our hungry stomachs before thinking to quench our thirst. Drinking a glass of water before a meal or a snack can help your body regulate hunger without over-eating. If you’re concerned with weight management, you can try drinking cold water before eating a meal. Some studies have revealed that drinking cold water can help slow digestion and reduce appetite.

Hydrate and Energize

Do you start to lose energy mid-afternoon? Many individuals think that this afternoon slump means that they need a hit of caffeine or sugar to keep their energy levels up. The most common reason we feel tired during the last portion of the day is that our bodies are dehydrated or lack sleep. The next time you feel sluggish or sleepy at 3 pm, try drinking a glass or two of water before refilling your coffee mug or devouring that sweet snack. Not only will you be replenishing your body with water, but you’ll also feel more energetic.

Sleep Better

Drinking water at bedtime may seem like a bad idea. And for most, consuming a full glass before sleeping will result in a disrupted night of sleep. But if you take a few sips of water before lying down to sleep and keep a glass or bottle beside your bed, you’ll be able to satisfy that dry mouth feeling that can come with snoring or as a side effect of certain medications. It also makes it more convenient to drink water first thing in the morning.

Improve Natural Wellbeing

Drinking water has a significant impact on the health of your skin and hair. Natural spring water contains essential minerals that most filtered water removes. Keeping your minerals in balance promotes overall body health, making spring water the healthier choice.

Reduce Headaches

Headaches are a common sign of dehydration and fatigue. Drinking water throughout your day will keep you hydrated, refreshed, and sleeping better. You can help prevent migraines from happening and reduce the frequency and severity of your headaches by ensuring you consume enough water on a daily basis. If you continue to experience headaches and migraines, the roots causes are likely something other than dehydration; be sure to discuss it with your health care practitioner.

Natural Spring Water Bottled at the Source

At Yukon Spring, we tell our customers you’ll be able to taste the Yukon with every sip. Our water has a distinctive and refreshing taste that inspires healthy living. The taste is crisp, clear, and full of beneficial, natural minerals that are unique to our spring. Our product is available at selected retailers or can be delivered directly to your home or office.


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