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How Much Water to Drink for Healthy Living

Water is a significant part of our daily lives.

Water is a significant part of our daily lives. It’s in most things we do, from the food and drinks we consume to the daily activities we perform. Water is essential to our survival, and our bodies are made up of about 60% water. We need to constantly replenish the water our bodies use, which is why it’s no wonder that we feel thirsty after a long sleep, intensive exercise, and after meals.

The Role of Water in Human Bodies

Our bodies are made up of a large portion of water, and without that supply of water, there are many essential functions that our bodies would not be able to perform. For example, water is vital to keeping our body’s digestive system working smoothly. Water helps carry nutrients and oxygen to our cells, along with aiding in digestion, preventing constipation, and regulating our body temperatures.

Spring Water

Spring water is one of the healthiest and most natural types of water available because it comes directly from the ground, using the earth’s natural filtration system while accruing beneficial minerals. But not all spring water is equal, and not all bottled spring water companies clearly label their source locations. At Yukon Spring, our water comes directly from a natural spring on our family property and is bottled at the source (not all spring water is!) The source of our spring is high in the Yukon Mountains, bringing a taste unique to our region.

Our body also needs water to keep our organs running and our blood pumping. Water in our bodies helps stabilize our heartbeats, normalize our blood pressure, and helps flush bacteria from our bladder. Without sufficient water levels, our bodies often struggle to perform, leaving us feeling unwell.

How Much is Enough Water in a Day

The general rule is to drink four to eight glasses of clean water per day. How much you should drink depends on your activities and body weight. Water intake calculators can help you determine how much you need in a day.

While all liquids have some water in them, plain water that contains minerals is the healthiest option. Our natural Yukon Spring Water is fresh and 100% natural with beneficial minerals that help to rehydrate your body while also replenishing essential minerals the body needs to function.

Our Top Tips for Getting Enough Water Throughout the Day

The recommended daily water consumption may seem like a large quantity, especially if you are just starting to make drinking more water a priority. Still, there are some easy ways to incorporate water drinking into your daily routine.

Start Your Day Right

Start your day off with a glass of water. Whether you crave ice-cold water or a mug of steaming hot water, drinking a glass before you start your day or begin brewing coffee can help your body rehydrate. Water first thing after waking can also help you wake up faster and make your caffeine fix more effective.

Drink Water When You Eat

Another easy way to add more water to your diet is to pair it with your snacks and meals. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and those in-between snacks are all great times to pour yourself a glass of water. Drinking water with your food will help with digestion by aiding in the absorption of nutrients and keeps your body hydrated throughout the day.

Exercise and Hydrate

Perspiration rids your body of water, which is why it is essential to stay hydrated when you exercise. If it’s a hot day, you’ll want to take extra care to ensure you’re drinking enough water.

Great-Tasting Natural Yukon Spring Water

Yukon Spring Water is naturally filtered and enriched with natural electrolytes and minerals for that unique taste of the Yukon. The result is refreshing, revitalizing water that always tastes fresh. Learn how to order to your door or find vendors where Yukon Spring Water is available near you.


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