This message is to advise you of upcoming changes in Yukon Spring's water order and delivery service. 

Beginning July 1st, 2019 we will be shifting our focus to fulfilling scheduled water deliveries. To maintain your flow of quality drinking water we suggest that our customers sign up for a scheduled delivery. This change will allow us to maximize plant efficiency, reduce errors in billing, and better plan our operations.

Scheduled water deliveries aren't set in stone, and we can help you find a solution that will work for you! With a quick phone call or email you'll be able to modify your schedule to change the frequency, amount, or day of delivery. 

Yukon Spring will still accept call-in orders, but these orders may face a delay of up to one week, depending on production runs and availability. 

Over the next few weeks we'd appreciate if you could monitor your water consumption to determine what type of schedule would be most beneficial to your business. The variables involved in a scheduled delivery are: 

  • The quantity of products delivered (minimum of 2 x 18.9L bottles per delivery)

  • The frequency of the delivery (weekly, every 2nd week, every 3rd week, monthly)

If you do not require a water delivery, we would appreciate receiving notification of this 48 hours prior to your scheduled delivery day. Failure to provide advanced notification may result in a delivery charge fee still being applied. 

We hope that these changes will be beneficial to all. We remain committed to meeting your needs and constantly improving your experience as a customer.

Water Ordering and Delivery

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