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Water is water, right?

Not quite. Below are some frequent questions we get at Yukon Spring, hopefully the answers will help you develop a deeper appreciation for the quality of the water that we produce. 

What is spring water? 

Spring water starts as snow/rain up in the Yukon Mountains. As it melts it seeps underground and runs over natures natural filtration system composed of gravel and sands.  Along the way it picks up natural minerals and elements. This gives spring water a distinctive, refreshing taste that simply isn't found in other water. 

How is it different from Reverse Osmosis (RO) water?

Reverse Osmosis water is created by attempting to remove everything out of the water by passing it through various filters and membranes. While this creates "pure" water, it also removes any minerals or natural taste from the water. 

The "myth" of Total Dissolved Solids. 

You may have seen some commercials where the goal is to get zero total dissolved solids (TDS) on the meter. This means that there's nothing in the water, but that doesn't make for good water. Natural tasting water should have minerals in it, which means our water will never get a zero, but it will give your body natural minerals.

Does it taste different?

Spring water offers a full body taste which the natural minerals contribute to the unique taste of individual spring water. 

Do you filter the water? 

The goal is to keep the minerals that naturally occur.  Our water is filtered and ozonated to remove any impurities before it is bottled.

Did you know?

Water makes up the majority of your body weight and is critical for your body’s proper functioning.  

Natural Spring Water . . . 

It's a sports drink without the sugar.

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