Enjoy the convenience of Yukon Spring water; hot, cold, caffeinated, or in your cooking! We offer monthly rentals for various top and bottom load coolers with multiple options to suit your needs. 

​Our coolers provide the convenience you need with none of the hassles. We offer complimentary cleaning and maintenance to keep our Equipment in tip-top operating condition. And if something breaks (that’s not due to misuse or neglect), our techs are here to repair it! Yearly cleaning?  Yep, we do that for you too! Sit back and relax with a refreshing glass of Yukon Spring water, on its own and in your favourite coffee or hot beverage!

Check out these cooler options to find out what will work best for your home or office. Not sure? Ask us! We’ve got experience and are happy to help!

Oasis Cooler Rentals

Hot & Cold or Cook & Cold Dispensers

The stylish design of our Oasis coolers fits well in contemporary kitchen and break room decors. Choose an option that serves you best depending on whether you drink many hot drinks or do a lot of cooking!

​​Our Hot/Cold coolers dispense both cold and hot water, protected with a child safety latch. 

Our Cook/Cold coolers dispense cold water and room-temperature water (perfect for cooking!)


Oasis Nautica Features

  • Scratch-resistant polycarbonate cabinet

  • Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe removable reservoir

  • Built-in safety-float to prevent overflowing

  • Inside/out cooling probe

  • Large drip tray

  • Patented WaterGuard® prevents spilling during bottle change and keeps dirt from entering the reservoir

  • Handles for simple mobility

  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 372 for low lead content

  • Energy star rated

  • UL listed


Hot & Cold Dispenser


Having this Crystal Mountain Bottom-Load cooler means no more lifting heavy bottles. Just open the front door, and the bottle effortlessly slides into the base of the cooler. The LED indicator tells you when to replace it. With its contemporary design, attractive finish, concealed faucets and easy maintenance, the Storm is sure to dazzle in any environment.

The Storm is available through our Water Club.


Storm Features

  • High gloss finish with stainless look and sliding front door.

  • Holds bottles sizes 3 gallon and 5 gallon.

  • LED light over faucets area. LED-low water indicator light.

  • Ergonomic-higher dispense point.

  • Commercial grade and quality construction

  • Large dispensing area for coffee pots and larger water bottles

  • ENERGY STAR™ certified


Concealed water outlet


Replaceable drip tray


Unique sliding front door


Storm Café

Water and Coffee Dispenser

Whether you need chilled water or barista-quality coffee, both are at your fingertips with this latest exciting model in the evolution of the Storm family of water coolers.

Storm Café Features

  • Storm cooler – configured with a coffee brewer

  • Extremely quiet brewing cycle and dispensing

  • Patented removable Café brewer head for ease of cleaning in your dishwasher

  • Maintain hot water at optimum temperature for brewing hot beverages; no waiting required

  • Quality, commercial-grade construction

  • Brewer options include 6, 8 or 10 oz cup sizes

  • Cup stand

  • UL Certified to NSF372

  • ENERGY STAR™ certified


Easy to use brewer works with popular single serve beverage pods


Easy to clean - Top rack
dishwasher safe


Raised cup holder folds out for use with smaller cups or mugs

Yearly Cooler Service

Like most things, regular service keeps our coolers working in tip-top operating conditions. We disassemble the coolers, clean all parts, and sanitize tanks to ensure that the heating and cooling components operate efficiently.


Short-Term Cooler Rentals

Do you need delicious hydration for an event you are hosting/organizing? No problem! We offer short-term rentals for events of any size. Call us today to get more information or to arrange delivery of a cooler and water to your location!