Our Local Vendors

Below are businesses in Whitehorse that carry Yukon Spring water. It's the next best thing from getting it straight from the source! Regular deliveries ensure that our customers get fresh, clean, water no matter where they pick it up!

Wykes Image.jpg


Your Independent Grocer

#5 - 303 Ogilvie Street


Wykes carries a wide array of Yukon Spring products:

  • 4 L jugs

  • 1 L bottles

  • 500 ml bottles

Goodys Gas.jpg

Goody's Gas

1903 Centennial Street

(Porter Creek)

Heading north out of town? Stop by Goody's to pick up any of these:

  • 18.9 L bottles

  • 4 L jugs

  • 1 L bottles

  • 500 ml bottles

Riverside Grocery.jpeg

Riverside Grocery

201 Lowe Street


Strolling around downtown? Stop by for convenient options such as?


  • 4 L jugs

  • 1 L bottles

  •  500 ml bottles

Java Connection Logo.PNG

Java Connection

3125 3rd Avenue


Do you like coffee, but also enjoy water? Check two things off your list at once by stopping by Java Connection. 

  • 500 ml bottles

The Claim.jfif

The Claim Cafe and Food Co. 

305 Strickland Street


They feature fine local food and products, so it's a natural fit for Yukon Spring products!


  • 500 ml bottles


Save On Foods

#100 - 43 Chilkoot Way

Save On Foods carries a variety of Yukon Spring products!

  • 500 ml bottles

  • 1L bottles 

  • 4L bottles


Shopper's Drug Mart

#2 - 303 Ogilvie Street


Stop by Shoppers to pick up water for your water cooler! 

  • 18.9 L bottles

McCrae Petro.jpg

McCrae Petro Canada

91007 Alaska Highway


Heading south? McCrae Petro has you covered! Stop by for:

  • 18.9 L bottles

  •  4 L jugs

Riverdale Super A.jpg

Riverdale Super A

29 Lewes Blvd.


On your way home to Riverdale? Grab some water so you don't run out. 

  • 18.9 L bottles

Heathers Haven Logo.jpg

Heather's Snack Haven

29 Wann Road

(Porter Creek)

If you're out and about in Porter Creek then Heather's Snack Haven can be a quick and easy stop to stock up on water. 

  • 4 L jugs

  • 1 L bottles

  • 500 ml bottles

bean north.jpg

Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd.

km 9.3 Takhini Hotsprings Road

Stop by grab some refreshing spring water. 

  • 500 ml bottles

  • 1L Bottles 

kits kitchen.jpg

Kit's Kitchen on Wheels


Stop by to endulge your taste buds and grab some refreshing spring water. 

  • 500 ml bottles

In Whitehorse

Dawson City.jpg

Pop Stop Etc.

Dawson City, Yukon 

Y0B 1G0

In Dawson City you can stop by Pop Stop Etc. for the following Yukon Spring products:

  • 18.9 L bottles

  • 4 L jugs

Talbot Arm Motel.PNG

Talbot Arm Motel

Mile 1083 Alaska Highway
Destruction Bay, Yukon Y0B

Driving north of Whitehorse and find yourself getting thirsty? Stop by the Talbot Arm Motel for a familiar, thirst quenching drink!

  • 1 L bottles

  • 500 ml bottles

Mayo Foods

Front Street

Mayo, Yukon

In Mayo and doing some grocery shopping? ? Pick up some of our refreshing water while you get the rest of your groceries. 

  • 4 L jugs

Top Spot Logo.png

Top Spot

171 Alaska Hwy
Haines Junction, Yukon Y0B 1L0

When you find yourself in Haines Junction, you can get the following from Top Spot: 

  • 4 L jugs

  • 1 L bottles

  • 500 ml bottles

Little Green Apple Logo.png

Little Green Apple

Mile 270 Alaska Highway
Haines Junction, Yukon

Heading west? Stop by the Little Green Apple to restock your water supply. 

  • 4 L jugs

  • 1 L bottles

Caribou Crossing Coffee.png

Caribou Crossing Coffee

Carcross Commons 

Carcross, Yukon 

Looking for a quick day trip outside of Whitehorse? Stop by Caribou Crossing Coffee for some delicious food and a bottle of  refreshing water!

  • 500 ml bottles 


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