Water Cooler Troubleshooting

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My Cooler is Leaking

First thing first, if you are experiencing a leaking cooler, please remove the bottle and set it aside.


A couple of things can cause coolers to leak.

Problem: A Crack in the Bottle

99% of time the cooler itself isn't leaking, it's the bottle. All it takes is a hairline crack and the bottle is no longer able to hold the vacuum needed to ensure water doesn't leak out. 

Solution: Swap Bottles!

To see if this is the issue, put a new bottle on. If the leak stops then it was the bottle that was faulty. Use a permanent marker to draw a sad face on the bottle and put the name of your office on it and we'll be sure to replace it for you, free of charge. 

Problem: Dripping Tap

If you notice that the drip tray is full, there's a chance your taps may be leaking. 

Solution: Tighten The Tap Nut

The mechanism that controls the flow of water out of the tap is attached to the faucet underneath the handle. There is a white ring that screws onto the faucet, so you can try giving it a spin (clockwise) to see if that stops the leak. If it doesn't give us a call and we'll send a technician out. 

Problem: Drip Tray is Full

If your drip tray is full, then you will either have a leaking tap, or a co-worker who is dumping liquid into the tray. 

Solution: Empty and Observe

If you empty it at the end of the day and it is still empty the next morning, you may have to put up a sign that the tray doesn't have a drain and sinks are a better option to dispose of liquids. 

My Cooler Isn't Dispensing Water

Once again, there's a couple things that could cause this. 

Problem: Airlock

This can happen when a bottle is changed or if you have a new cooler that is delivered to you. 

Solution: Purge!

This will take two people; one person should lift the bottle off of the cooler and the second person holds both taps open (place a container underneath the taps) while the bottle is put back on. Hold the taps open for 30 seconds to ensure that water is flowing well. 

Problem: Air Filter 

Our coolers have air filters on them to prevent contamination of the water (as air goes in to replace the water that is taken out).


Solution: Take it Off

You can try taking the air filter out to see if that solves the problem. They are located where the bottle goes into the cooler, either in a recessed cutout by where the bottle neck gets inserted or towards the back of the unit. They are round and can be pried out (but may require some force). 

Problem: Ice Buildup

Our coolers are calibrated when they get cleaned, but sometimes the environment they operate in is different than our shop. Ice can form inside the cooler and prevent water from leaving the cooler. 

Solution: Unplug 

Unplug your unit for a couple hours and see if that solves the issue. If flow returns afterwards you can adjust the thermostat; it is located on the back of the unit and is a small silver dial that you can fit a screwdriver into. Turn clockwise to make it colder, or counter-clockwise to reduce the temperature. 

Problem: Cooler is Getting Hot

The cooler body itself or the bottle is getting warm to the touch. This can happen when there is air in the hot water tank. 

Solution: Purge!

Grab a friend or co-worker as this is going to require two people. Have one person remove the bottle, and have the other person hold both taps open (be sure to have something to collect the water). This should solve the problem. 

My Water Tastes "Off"

Problem: Bacteria Growth

Often water that tastes off or smells funny is caused by contamination; this is commonly caused by inadequate or improper cleaning of the cooler itself. If someone wipes down the cooler or taps with a dirty cloth bacteria can grow and lead to the smell and taste that you may be experiencing. 

Solution: Clean It Up 

Grab a clean cloth and wipe down the taps as well as where the bottle gets inserted into the cooler. If you use soap or sanitizer, be sure to wipe it down with clean water afterwards. 

If your cooler hasn't been sanitized in a while it may need to be brought to our shop for refurbishment. We'll bring you a clean cooler and take care of all of the hard work. Your cooler should be sanitized once per year and you can find the date of the last sanitization on the tag on the side of your cooler. 

Our Promise

We stand behind our water; we sanitize and rinse our bottles, we filter our water and then ozonate it to eliminate any harmful content, and have our water regularly tested. If you have a concern over the quality of our water please contact us and we will send someone out to test it. 

Yukon Spring bottled water is packaged in sanitary and highly protective, sealed plastic containers that maintain the quality and freshness of the product. However, plastic containers which may allow ambient air gases such as vapors from household solvents, petroleum-based fuels and other chemicals, to affect the taste and odor of your beverage. Yukon Spring takes great care to store and transport its products carefully so you can enjoy the fresh, clean taste you expect from bottled water. Proper storage will help ensure product quality.

There is Stuff in my Water!

If It's Green...

Algae can form in bottles or containers that are exposed to sunlight. Green algae isn't toxic and the water is safe to drink, but we understand that it's not desirable. Give us a call and we'll swap your bottle and cooler out. 

If your bottles are stored in direct sunlight please considering storing them elsewhere. If your cooler is located in direct sunlight we can provide you with a bottle cover to prevent algae growth. 

If It's White...

Our water is high in mineral content, and sometimes these minerals attach to plastic cooler parts and eventually break loose. They aren't harmful, but it is a sign that your cooler needs to be cleaned. Give us a call to arrange that today!













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