Cooler Cleaning

Do you own a home or office cooler?

Prioritize your cooler maintenance and keep our Yukon Spring water flowing freely and tasting great! We'll help you keep your cooler running like new!


Why do you need to clean your water cooler regularly?

Surface cleaning of water coolers is necessary to prevent a build-up of dirt and bacteria. Not only is a dirty water cooler an unsightly feature in any home or office, but unsanitary‌ ‌maintenance practices‌ ‌can also lead to people getting sick from drinking contaminated water.


​Even if hidden bacteria present does not cause illness, it may cause the water to taste unpleasant. Water coolers have relatively simple mechanisms, but there are many small areas where harmful bacteria could grow if given a chance. Therefore, it is so important to sterilize the water cooler regularly, keeping it sanitary so that your Yukon Spring water is not only delicious but unwaveringly safe for consumption!

How often should you clean your water cooler?

It is advisable to disinfect and clean the water cooler every time you change the bottle, at minimum every six weeks.

Furthermore, we recommend having a full mechanical check and cleaning at least once a year.