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Oasis Cooler Rental

We proudly rent out Oasis Nautica coolers.


We carry the top-of-the-line model which include one very important feature, an air filter. 

Our coolers provide the convenience you need with none of the hassle. If something breaks, we'll fix it. Yearly cleaning? Yep, we do that for you too! Sit back and relax a refreshing glass of Yukon Spring water and let your water cooler worries flow away.

Why an Air Filter Matters on a Water Cooler

When water is drawn from the bottle, it is replaced by air. If the air going into your water is dirty, then your water is no longer as clean as it was. Our coolers feature an air filter to make sure that our water stays as fresh and clean as it was at the source.

Yearly Cooler Service

Just like anything else, regular service keeps our coolers working in top operating condition. We disassemble the coolers, clean all parts, and sanitize tanks to ensure that the heating and cooling components are operating efficiently. 

Short-Term Cooler Rentals

Are you hosting/organizing an event where water is needed? No problem! We offer short-term rentals for events of any size. Call us today to get more information or to arrange a delivery of a cooler and water to your location!

Water Cooler Varieties

We offer two main varieties; hot/cold and cook/cold. 

Our Hot/Cold coolers dispense cold water as well as hot water (which is protected with a child safety latch). 

Our Cook/Cold coolers dispense cold water and room-temperature water (perfect for cooking!). 

Point of Use (POU) Cooler Rental

The newest water dispensing option in town! If you have water but don't love it then our bottle-less point of use coolers may be your solution.

What is a Point of Use Cooler?

These coolers are plumbed into your existing home or office water line and draw water which is then filtered through a multi-step filtration system to remove many of the common complaints that customers have about municipal water sources.

Filter Changes Included!

With one of our rentals you don't have to change bottles or filters, we will do that work for you! Just call us when you cooler needs some attention and we'll send our staff with replacement filters to your location. Within minutes your cooler will be as good as new.

Water Cooler Varieties

Our POU coolers are offered in a hot/cold configuration

Contact us today to yours installed!

Terms and Conditions

All water cooler rentals are subject to the terms and conditions listed in the documentation below. By paying your cooler rental invoice you agree to the terms and conditions listed in the document below.

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