Bottle Deposits

Here at Yukon Spring we utilize two types of bottle deposits to help ensure that our bottles don't end up polluting our environment. 


Government Beverage Container Deposit

This deposit applies to 500 ml, 1 L, 4 L, and 11.36 L products. 


This is a deposit that is collected by the Government of Yukon on all single-use beverage containers. You'll noticed it on your bill as a separate line item, but you get a good portion of it back! Save your bottles and bags and take them into a recycling centre to get part of your deposit back. 


Please note, for bags you are required to have both parts (the clear and the blue) in order to have the return accepted. 


Yukon Spring 18.9 L Deposit

This deposit applies 18.9 L bottles only. 


This deposit is administered, collected, and returned by Yukon Spring. Upon receipt of an order, each bottle has a $10.00 charge. This charge is refunded when the bottle is returned to Yukon Spring in a reusable condition.


The deposit only affect the first-time purchase of bottles; if you take in an empty bottle to exchange it for a full one, your "refund" replaces the new deposit and you're on your way! 

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