About Us

Who We Are

Uniquely Yukon

Yukon Spring is a second-generation, family-owned bottled water company operating from the same pristine valley that became our home over 50 years ago. We believe natural spring water should be just that – natural, unchlorinated, and full of essential minerals. That is our foundation, and decades later, we have even kept a reliable old-fashioned manual component to our bottling process.


What We Do

Proudly Keeping Our Communities Hydrated and at their Best

Water is a vital part of life, an essential ingredient in our favourite beverages, and it keeps us calm, cool and refreshed. Water also helps organize our bodies' cell systems, and it's a natural detoxifier that keeps skin glowing. 

At Yukon Spring, we believe in 100% fresh, natural spring water, delivered as mother nature intended, to amplify optimal health and quality of life.  Sure, geographical origin gives our water its distinctive and refreshing, robust taste. Yet, it's also our pride in the character and beauty of the Yukon region that evokes an emotional response and connection to a simpler life, surrounded by pristine mountains under the dancing northern lights.

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Why Choose Us

Trusted for our Water's Exceptional Quality and Purity

For our team, freshness and purity come first.  We're passionate H20 connoisseurs, meaning we prioritize producing the best-tasting, responsibly sourced water, never pilfering or compromising our environment. We are equally enthusiastic about partnering and collaborating with other local Yukon businesses to quench your thirst in delicious new ways.  And by bottling "A Taste of the Yukon" to share with others, we can serve our customers better and foster a passionate following for Yukon Spring bottled mineral water, beverage solutions and other tempting offerings.

What People Say

We’re super happy with everything! Being able to get good quality coffee and the water delivered at the same time is super convenient and when we ran out of coffee before water you guys went out of your way to drop some off special for us, which the truckers could not have been more grateful for. Thanks a ton!

— Dall Contracting 

A Message from our CEO

A Little Bit of History

When my parents ventured north to the Yukon in 1966, it was only supposed to be for a 2-year stint.  Dad, however, quickly became captivated by the Yukon, falling under its spell. He immersed himself in the community, whereas my mother took a little longer to fall in love with the north and was slower to call the Yukon home.


My parents finally settled on a large parcel of land nestled at the bottom of a remote valley.  Their friends thought they were crazy to want to live so far away from the conveniences of town, but there was a decent size log house, more land than either of them had growing up in the city, and it would be their own little piece of heaven where they could raise their daughters.


The house had a thirteen-foot shallow well that would go dry every time the toilet flushed. After a short spell of hauling water from town in a 40-gallon barrel, my father discovered a few springs on the property. He swiftly went about solving the family’s water needs (mainly to ensure that my mother wouldn’t be on the next flight back to civilization), tapping into the spring that was closest to the house. Our home soon had an endless supply of fresh spring water, gravity-fed into our existing basement well.  When we turned on our faucet, we had the best tasting water imaginable.  I had the privilege of growing up drinking this water, and today my boys are equally avid water connoisseurs.


I am a proud B ‘n’ R (born and raised) Yukoner and can’t imagine growing up anywhere else, even if my husband thinks I grew up under a rock.


Today I am grateful for my father’s vision and blessed for having had the opportunity to grow up in the land of the midnight sun - my Yukon.  I treasure every moment of northern living, no matter what season.  The freedom and joy that I experience here in our little pristine valley infuse my life with reverence for Mother Nature. I cherish our water source, and I am honoured to share a part of our paradise and a taste of our Yukon spring water with others.


As a family-owned company, we believe in honesty, integrity, and respect. We believe in developing relationships with our customers, and we are fortunate to connect with many fantastic people through our product. We work hard to consistently deliver the best quality fresh, natural spring water, always striving to keep our family of customers, suppliers, and employees happy, satisfied, and hydrated!


Tara L. Sheridan, CEO

Founding Family